Clinical Phase


Eurofins Sinensis’ services, whether routine or tailor-made, cover the whole range of pharmaceutical testing and of small-scale manufacturing of clinical trial materials.
While each business unit of Eurofins Sinensis has multiple years of practical experience in providing analytical services, the combined knowledge of over 180 qualified individuals almost certainly provides resolutions to specific challenges.

You can choose to search the Eurofins Sinensis website to find specific details about our services or feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs. 
Eurofins Sinensis strives to assist you from early product development via clinical development to profitable commercialization of your pharmaceutical products.

Clinical Phases 

  • Drug Discovery
  • Pre Clinical 
  • Phase I - III
  • Post-approval
  • Large Scale Manufacturing


Eurofins Sinensis’ flexibility, reliability and ability to deliver a high comfort feeling have attracted customers from biotech start-ups to multinational generics manufacturers to big innovative pharma players. With over 180 employees and tens of years of experience Sinensis is very well capable of resolving your analytical and manufacturing challenges.

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