Fungal Identification

Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Netherlands, fully GMP certified, provides molecular biological testing services on pharmaceutical raw materials, process intermediates and finished products.  


Fungal samples using the validated MicroSEQ® system (PB-GMP-306)

DNA-isolation, PCR, sequencing and reporting will be performed using MicroSEQ® validated protocols, kits and database under GMP conditions. For fungal samples, the D2-LSU gene is amplified and sequenced on both strands using validated MicroSEQ® kits and protocols. The length of the consensus sequence varies and is approximately 200-300 bp long. Data is aligned using the MicroSEQ® validated software and reviewed manually by our technicians. A full report including the homology search to the MicroSEQ® validated database is prepared and reviewed by the QA department. After approval a QA signed report containing results and sequence data (fasta/.seq files) will be mailed to the client within 5 working days for the standard service or within one working day after we have received your sample(s) for our fast service (PB-GMP-306F)!

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