Import Testing

As a WHO-prequalified laboratory, Eurofins Sinensis is an expert in import testing for pharmaceutical batches and drug products (final dosage forms, FDF) in the European Union (EU) and MENA-region (Middle East and North Africa). We have a QP internally available and when necessary we can assist you with any of our logistical supporting services or any other services of our product portfolio.

EU Import Testing

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If you are planning to import you pharmaceutical product into the European Union (EU), EU-Import testing is a mandatory requirement for each batch of drug product (finished dosage form, FDF) manufactured outside the EU. The required tests need to be performed in a laboratory that is physically located inside the EU. Eurofins Sinensis routinely performs these tests for customers mainly based in Asia and is therefore your ideal pharma Europe (pharma EU) partner. 

Lebanon-MENA Registration

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Are you about to launch your pharmaceutical product on the Lebanese market or any other
MENA country (Middle-East and North Africa) and do you require a WHO-prequalified laboratory that can provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA)? Eurofins Sinensis is your ideal partner and facilitates in your product launch.


  • WHO Prequalified laboratory. Eurofins Sinensis is one of the few laboratories in Europe in possesion of a WHO prequalification. 
  • Internal QP. A Qualified Person is internally available at Eurofins Sinensis for QP release.
  • Single-point-of-contact. Eurofins Sinensis has all expertises within the same organization, allowing clear and reliable communication.

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