Virology Testing

Biopharmaceutical industry using mammalian cell lines for production of a
biotechnology product are running the risk of viral contamination.
Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Netherlands, fully GMP certified,  offers the classic in vitro assay to detect adventitious  viruses in cell lines/banks, virus seeds, raw materials and final products.

Is your cell bank free of adventitious agents?

Viral contamination is a major concern affecting batch release and product safety. During the production process, adventitious viruses could accidentally be introduced, for example, by using contaminated cell culture media or reagents. Other common sources are contamination caused by operators or other external factors.

What products should be tested?

  • Monoclonar antibodies
  • Master cell bank
  • End of production cells
  • Unprocessed bulk
  • Vector supernatant

Available viral assays

All assays performed in-house are fully validated according to ICH Q2:

Adventitous Viruses

  • In Vitro Assays (multiple cell lines are available for Mouse-, Hamster-, Bovine-, Insect- and Humanderived products)
  • In Vivo Assays (these assays are subcontracted to an approved vendor)

Specific Viruses

  • Bovine Viral Assay (according to 9 CFR 113)
  • Porcine Viral Assay (according to 9 CFR 113)
  • qPCR Assays

Retrovirus  Assays

  • XC Assay for Ecotropic Retroviruses
  • S+ L- Assay for Xenotropic Retroviruses
  • Electron Microscopy for Microscopy for Evaluation of Cell Banks and Culture Harvests
  • Co-Cultivation Assays
  • PERT

Custom services are also available. Contact  contact us to find out whether we can help. Our research team will be happy to assist in planning your study.

  • Single-point-of-contact. Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Netherlands has all expertises within the same organization, allowing clear and reliable communication.
  • All services available internally. As Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Netherlands is the mother holding of several complementary companies, all this expertise is brought together in one multidisciplinal organization.
  • Standard and custom solutions. If our standard solutions do not fullfil your requirements, our skilled technicians are able to develop specialized solutions. Please contact us if you want to discuss your needs.

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