Packaging and Seal integrity Testing

In addition to validating the funtionality, design, and safety of your medical device, you as manufacturer, should also ensure that the product reaches the end user intact. To meet with the requirements Packaging testing must be performed. Packaging testing is also known as transit-testing, pre-shipment testing, or distribution testing and is the simulation of your post-distribution cycle. Eurofins Medical Device Testing is able to help you evaluate every aspect of your packaging from sterile seal integrity through distribution and transit testing of full pallet-sized loads, and durability of your labels.

Overview of our services

Packaging testing involves reproducing the potentially destructive forces a package can be subjected to during transportation (e.g. dropping, road, and air vibration simulation, compression, etc.).

  1. Sterile barrier/ seal integrity testing
  • Dye Penetration or Dye Leak testing
  • Bacterial challenges testing
  • Vacuum Decay
  • High Voltage Leak Detection
  • Helium Leak and Oxygen Headspace Analysis
  • Burst and Bubble test
  1. Shelf Life testing
  3. Transit testing
  • Loose load & vehicle vibration
  • Manual handling & drop
  • Focussed drop impact
  • Vertical stacking & crush
  • Low pressure/altitude
  1. Material testing
  • Tensile or Flexural Strength
  • Moisture or Gas Transmission
  • Tear & Puncture Resistance
  • Seal Strength and Burst Testing
  • Flammability
  • Chemical Identification & Purity
  1. Labeling

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