Shelf-Life and product stability Testing

Eurofins offers accelerated and real-time aging studies, along with cold-chain testing, and environmental conditioning for package transit testing according to standard environmental specifications or custom temperature and humidity condition defined by our customers. These type of studies will help manufacturers ensure product safety in its end-use environment.

Medical device packaging must maintain integrity over its claimed shelf-life under the storage conditions specified by the manufacturer. Real-time aging testing provides essential data on how the quality of a product varies over time under the influence of different environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and photo stability. Doing this will establish the product’s accurate expiration date. However, the drive to get new products to the market often means that accelerated aging tests are run in parallel with real-time aging to validate the product shelf life claims.

Typical packaging tests include:

  • Bubble leak test
  • Dye penetration
  • Visual inspection
  • Burst strength 

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