Bioprocess Variability Testing

Control your bioprocess


Spedia-Predict™ is an innovative solution to troubleshoot performance variability and develop predictive models for your specific bio-manufacturing process.

Spedia-Predict™ integrates our expertise in high-end analytics and chemometrics (incl. Spedia-NMR™, NMR fingerprinting, LC-MS profiling and ICP-OES elements analysis) to rapidly detect and identify parameters correlating to variability. With a combination of critical markers we develop predictive models to reach performance consistency from batch-to-batch. Our data will help you get in control.

Get in control

  • Predict and prevent:
    Quickly solve and prevent performance variability.
    Fast profiling and performance prediction of raw material lots.
    Select the right raw materials supplier.

  • Save time and costs:
    Faster and lower-cost compared to small scale cell-culture based assays.
    Prevent expensive failure in large-scale production.
    Suitable for chemically defined and non-defined raw materials and most cellular systems.
  • Optimize performance:
    Improved characterization of your bioprocess will help you optimize it.
    Develop your bioprocess in line with Quality-by-Design.
    Monitor performance in large scale processes.



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  • ​One of our clients uses Spedia-Predict™ to discard low-performing hydrolysate lots in a commercial bioprocess.
  • Detect influential composition parameters in chemically defined media affecting cell viability.
  • Use Spedia-Predict™ to develop predictive models to reach an optimal and consistent quality of the end-product.

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